Balanced and complete meal formulated for handfeeding psitacid baby birds like budgerigars, parakeets, parrots, nymphs, agapornis, etc from the day they are born until their weaning, assuring the perfect development of the babies that need a very energetic diet. LINDO handfeeding soft food is produced with first quality ingredients that have been specifically selected for the good growth of the bird. This high nutrition formula helps the baby birds grow faster and better and it gives them a brighter plumage than the one from the birds fed with homemade formulas. It is a specially prepared product that avoids the obstruction of the syringe used to apply the food.


Extruded soy flour, extruded pea, extruded powdered corn, extruded powdered wheat, dry orange flour, dry apple flour, powder egg, dariy caseine, dry alfalfa, bicalcic phosphate, yogurt, lactobacillus, encimes, vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements.

150 grBote122880
400 grCubo61080
800 grCubo6540
2,8 kgCubo1250
5 kgCubo1160
25 kgSaco140