LINDO PET GLOBAL, S.A. is a family company dedicated to production and marketing of pet food. Our team is composed of very experienced staff in pet food market and our products are present all over the world.

The latest technology and the best quality raw materials support our production capacity and allow us to meet the demands of the national and international markets, and our customer’s needs.

All our production is controlled by an internal traceability system, which minimize any potential manufacturing problem.

Lindo is continuously evolving, designing and developing new products to offer our customers the widest possible diversity.

A simple business philosophy is our aim: to devote all our talent and technology to create high quality products which contribute to improve the nutrition of your pets.

Our values

We believe in solid values to succeed in the business world. Every decision we take is based on a rigorous code of conduct and their core values.

People: Essentially a company is composed of its employees. In Lindo, we offer to our workers every opportunity to develop all their potential. Undoubtedly, the added value that is given to our staff, revert to a high degree of involvement, achieving a high quality service and customer service focused on obtaining a high degree of satisfaction.

Excellence: Everything we do in Lindo responds to our unwavering passion for excellence and our strong commitment to develop the best products for pets. The use of premium raw materials, research on new products that provide nutritional values in a natural way and respect for the dietary needs of each species, make our products a high quality food that helps our pets to maintain them healthy, strong and with a wonderful aspect.

Improvement: The continued evolution and innovation is essential for any companies’ survival because of the rapid movements of the current economy.  In order to steer our company toward a long-term success, we keep eyes on the future, anticipating the needs and market requirements. The incorporation of new machinery, the development of new products, the training of personnel and the establishment of new plants are part of this continuous desire for improvement.

Integrity: Working ethically is our business’ basis. Everything we do responds to a strict moral, overturned in ensuring justice and respect for all parties, as well as full transparency. Promoting the formation of emotional intelligence as a key to interpersonal relationships and as the basis of a code of conduct that guarantees the development of our work with the best guarantees of success.



Currently LINDO PET GLOBAL, S.A. has a large international presence commercializing its products in more than 25 countries basing the growth in the development of the own brands,LINDO, SELWOO, CRACOS and BO.GE.NA. and also reinforcing this presence developing fabrications tailored to customers’ needs and preferences and the different market segments.