LINDO PET GLOBAL, S.A. focuses its activity on the manufacture and distribution of pet food marketed on their four brands Lindo® Selwoo® Cracos® y BO.GE.NA®.

Our solid experience in the feeding of any species and variety of products allows us to meet any challenge in creating own formulas with total guarantee of success. In this way, we offer our customers whole cooperation in the study and development of their own brand with the creation of a customized product for their respective brands in its distribution markets.

The experience gained during more than 25 years in the pet food industry, allows us to develop a brand strategy to every customer tailored in its distribution market, in order to obtain higher profitability, profile and brand renowned differentiation.

We will advise you to find the better choice of the trademark to identify their pet food products. Now understanding the foregoing, we will help to develop the name and brand image, different lines of products, labels, logos, texts, posters, brochures… and all that you need to build a strong brand image to strengthen a catalog of professional products.

In this effort to always offer the best service and quality products, customize to all needs, Lindo Pet Global presents its line COMODITIES.


COMODITIES offers high quality extruded products intended to be included in mixtures of birds, rodents, or any other species that accept this type of food. Amongst them we find the extruded cereals standard production of different shapes and sizes (pellets, sticks, bananas, irregular, stars and others). Our adaptability also allows us to manufacture any extruded food targeted for the complete and balanced feeding of our pets. For this reason, we manufacture alfalfa rings for rodents, hamster kibbles, extruded food for psitacids and canaries, and a host of our own varieties or manufactured according to the client’s requirements.


Check our catalogue here COMODITIES