It is a very complete and balanced meal specially produced for insectivorous and fruitarians because of its high content in proteins obtained from the insects and crustaceans that along with the honey, provides a complete diet for the bird. It contains highly digestive proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements that avoid scarcity states in the birds. BO.GE.NA.’s soft food for insectivorous, stimulates the reproductive index, increases the weight of the eggs, favours the consistency of the feces and decreases the bacterial concentration in the shell.


Derivatives from cereals, micronized soy, sugars, live leavenings, freeze-dried dairy ferments, meat flour, apple, raisins, peanuts, dry gammarus and flies, juniper, sloe, natural scent, preservatives BHT, BHA and etoxiquin. It contains organic additives based on Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, Bacillus Cereus and Enterococus faecium that stimulate the reproductive index, increase the weight of the eggs, favour the consistency of the feces and decrease the bacterial contamination of the shell. The dairy flora prevents unspecific diarrheas of a food nature or caused by the use of antibiotics. It acidifies the intestinal tract and it reduces the population of pathogenic germs.

300 grBolsa301440
500 grBolsa241152
1 kgCubo6540
1 kgBolsa12576
5 kgCubo1160
5 kgSaco1100
10 kgSaco1105
25 kgSaco155