Formulated by expert nutritionists from the sector, LINDO Cockatoo Parrots is an extruded super premium meal with a high nutritional value and an excellent palatability. It is so complete that it allows the maintenance of all kinds of parrots, yacos, macaws, amazons, big cockatoos and birds with low fat requirements by itself. Furthermore, it strengthens the defenses, providing essential minerals and vitamins to prevent scarcities. It also improves the general well-being, colouring the plumage and boosting the singing. Nutritional scarcities seem to speed up the aging of the tissue of our birds. LINDO Cockatoo Parrots covers the needs of our pet, because it alternates several shapes and sizes of extruded crumbs. It is a very suitable mix of sizes for its beak and diet and it favours a balanced and complete nutrition.


Extruded soy flour, extruded pea, extruded and powdered corn, powder egg, fish flour, dry orange flour, dry apple flour, dry alfalfa, bicalcic phosphate, yogurt, lactobacillus, encimes, vitamins, minerals, essential trace elements for the diet of the psitacids.

400 grBolsa301440
0,9 kgBolsa12576
10 kgSaco1105
20 kgSaco155