Super premium extruded balanced and complete meal with adequate shapes and sizes for the complete diet of parakeets, inseparables and all medium size psitacids in general. Parakeets are birds that belong to the parrots’ family, but they have specific nutritional needs due to their size and constitution. LINDO’s Cockatoo Parakeets offers extruded crumbs of a smaller more adequate size for their needs and the smaller the crumb is, the more the bird eats and it disperses less, so no waste or residue are generated. LINDO’s Cockatoo Parakeets has been formulated by veterinarians and nutrition experts from the sector and it is specially recommended during the seasons when these psitacids needs more nutritional contributions because it offers them a rich, varied and balanced diet keeping their colours throughout their life.


Extruded soy flour, extruded pea, powdered and extruded corn, powder egg, dry orange flour, dry apple flour, dry alfalfa, bicalcic phosphate, yogurt, lactobacillus, encimes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements essential for the psitacids diet.

400 grBolsa301440
900 grBolsa12576
10 kgSaco1105
20 kgSaco155