LINDO’s dry eggfood is specially suitable for all kinds of granivore birds and it has been formulated with first quality selected products in order to assure the necessary nutrients for our cage birds. It has a high content in proteins perfectly balanced with vitamins and minerals in order to avoid scarcities for our bird.


Derivatives from cereals, micronized soy, sugars, live leavenings, freeze-dried dairy ferments, meat flour, apple, raisins, peanuts, gammarus and dry flies, juniper, sloe, natural scents, preservatives BHT, BHA, etoxiquine. It contains organic additives based on Saccaromyces Cerevisiae, Bacillus Cereus and Enterococus faecium that stimulate the reproductive index, increase the weight of the eggs, favour the consistency of the feces and decrease the bacterial contamination of the shell. The dairy flora prevents unspecific diarrheas of a food nature or caused by the use of antibiotics. It acidifies the intestinal tract and it reduces the population of pathogenic germs.

300 grBolsa301440
500 grBolsa241152
1 kgCubo6540
1 kgBolsa12576
5 kgCubo1160
5 kgSaco1100
10 kgSaco1105
25 kgSaco155