A good diet is the base of a healthy animal. Therefore, we should provide our pet with a rich and varied diet in order to avoid scarcity states. CRACOS premium mix has been specially formulated for parrots and it’s a highest quality mix with carefully selected grains and seeds. It also contains big high quality pieces of fruit, enriched with a mix of hazelnuts and nuts that provide a natural source of vitamins, minerals and pectin. It is recommended to supply as a main meal, strengthening the defenses and keeping a healthy and colourful plumage. For a balanced diet, we recommend to alternate the meals of our pet with CRACOS Cockatoo Parrots.


Carefully selected ingredients like corn in grain, corn flakes, peanut, laminated coconut, grapes, raisins, dry pineapple, dry papaya, peas, abones, extruded corn, sunflower seeds, wheat, cardi, barley.

400 grBolsa301440
0,9 kgBolsa12576
10 kgSaco1105
20 kgSaco155