In our daily desire to improve and expand our range of products, our development lines are specializing in the production of extruded full food and accessories for pets.

The research has resulted in the launch of complete feedingstuffs that provide all the necessary nutrients for the perfect growth and development of the pets.

Widely known among our customers is the extruded food for parrots and parakeets, formulated as a single feed for these psittacids. High quality food presented as the perfect nutrition to keep these birds in perfect health, bringing vigor and beauty to our pets. With a new formulation that provides naturally Vitamine E and Omegas 3, 6 and 9.


Our line of extruded products as complete nutrition also covers ranges for rodents and reptiles.

The Comodities are products of similar appearance but with a composition thought to incorporate to the mixtures. This range of products brings color and the amount of cereals needed to improve the appetite and nutritional properties of mixtures for psittacides, rodents, horses … Colored balls of different sizes, sticks, stars, wheat flakes, baked granules, irregular extruded ….

This line of products offers the possibility of making tailor made extruded products, working in close collaboration with the client and adapting the products to the nutritional needs of the pet to which it is intended.

A new addition to our feed line for birds is the new Extruded Food for Canaries. Complete food with an extra supply of Vitamin E, Omegas 3, 6 and 9, and proteins of high digestibility of natural origin.

By expanding and developing our food range, we launched a series of new Extruded Food for Rodents. Complete foods that guarantee the supply of nutrients necessary for the perfect growth and development of these pets in optimal conditions. Formulated with ingredients of first quality they are very palatable and of great digestibility foods.


And finally, we can’t forget all the products made with lucerne and grass meadows. They are extruded with different forms and compositions for use as complete foods or as components for mixtures.
These products are made with first quality fresh alfalfa that contributes an excellent natural aroma in addition to beta-carotene, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

We are sure that our range of extruded products can offer solutions adaptable to all your needs both in complete feed and in Comodities for mixtures.